“Smells like roses to me, two young lovers at sea…

Lyrics dedicated to a couple with smiles that sprinkle glitter everywhere, it was a great honour and pleasure working with a couple of pure awesomeness,Marina and Wojciech!

This elegant fairytale garden wedding takes luxury to its zenith!

Inspired by the vast intimacy of the natural surroundings and the lake, we created a long dramatic wedding aisle with the couple’s initials. It really extended the magical moment upon bride’s arrival under the inspiring sounds of the violin quartet. The focal point of the area was a natural forming handmade fairytale arch enriched with abundance of flowers.

Majestic, elegant garden wedding amphoras filled with unique flower compositions in pale colours and greenery introduced the scenery to every wedding guest entering the ceremony area.

Elegant, white chairs placed in rows for the guests to seat while the afternoon light filtered through the trees and gave a beautiful diffused light. In every guests seat, there were beautiful, chic wooden fans along with wedding bells, and lace parasols. Therefore to give an elegant touch and enter the guests in the overall theme making them part of the wedding celebration.

On wooden tables, a garden themed synthesis of baskets, vintage boxes, crystal glasses and chilled home made lemonade to refresh the wedding guests. Flowers that filled the ambience with chic fragrances completed the fairytale scenery.

Moving to the wedding dinner area, an extravagant installation of frames and stoned amphoras full of flowers on the entrance of the venue welcomed the guests warmly.

Inspired by the Mediterranean lightness, an elegant dessert station rich in layers and textures and a flower installation of the couple’s initials, on the side, was the perfect combination of textures.

A dessert table overflowing with delicious confections in a purely pale palette seducing all the senses. A magnificent display enhanced with floral compositions, platters filled with delicate treats, miniature cup cakes drizzled with icing, naked cakes and signature white paper craft cones.

Exuding confidence, that art de la table was designed for lovers of fabulous details and the wedding evening unfolded beneath a canopy of elegant, crystal chandeliers, lights and luminous corners! In white and feminine dusty rose tones the main motif was ethereally majestic aesthetic filled with splashes of glittery gold concluding to a glamorous fairytale theme.

Majestic floral installations, fine crystal chandeliers, mirrors and frames, elegant textures, crystal glassware, chic dinnerware, luxury linen napkins. In addition, customised hand scripted menus, myriads of candles and luring scenographic effects were the key elements for that garden yet fairytale wedding festivity!

With a couple like that, the entertainment could not be anything else but spectacular! James Arthur was the key presence of the night to take the amusement of the night to another level! And the dancing never stopped!

…tastes so bitter, so sweet..”