Wedding in Santorini

Wedding in Santorini


Rustic and silky at the same time, Santorini is composed from two intensly opposed beauties!

Blue and white cycladic architecture is set against that characteristic black-red landscape of the volcano. Everything has to curve here-to rise and fall-following the cliff configuration creating a unique setting for your wedding celebration. After an eruption, the aegean sea came pouring the resulting caldera, leaving the crescent-shaped volcanic rock, and this is the wild beauty of Santorini. On the other side, the town and countryside of Santorini sit densely on top of massive cliffs which appear like snow capping the towering mountain tops, full of life and cosmopolitan vibes. All nature elements conspire to welcome a wedding of high-end luxury and ethereal beauty .

There is glam tucked into everything, not as in dripping with glitter but as in subtle sophisticated luxury. While twilight deepens, the sun cast a golden glow over the island and it is the right moment to hold a wedding ceremony over the world’s most enchanting sundowners. Santorini’s sunset ranks amongst the most breathtaking experiences in life and seductively hugs a sparkling wedding celebration. For wedding couples with a classy palette there is a wide range of elegant villas and spacious outdoor wedding venues which give you the sense of unity with the sky and the azure waters, ideal for fabulous wedding festivity.

Graced with all the goods nature provided for your wedding, Santorini has the potential to offer first class services for the most impeccable weddings!

DePlanV has the finger on the pulse of the latest trends in decor, entertainment, cuisine and our design expertise can take the best out of the perfect backround for a wedding-to-remember.

Our mindset is everything matters and our goal is perfection and originality for a wedding that will deliver your guests will life lasting images!